Despite Poor Decisions, We Can All Live Successful Lives

Several years ago, my daughter heard a bumping sound in our home and she alerted me.  After she alerted me I began to explore the house to locate this bumping sound.  Surprisingly it was coming from the laundry room.  The clothes in the washing machine had all shifted to one side causing an imbalance of weight on one side of the agitator.  I properly and equally placed the clothing around the agitator, reset the machine and it began to work the way it was built to work again.  That small event makes me think of how life can be sometimes. Our lives get out of balance through too much marital or relationship problems, financial problems, challenges with our children, past hurts, and many other life stressors.  Then, we experience bumps or stress that if it continues, will leave to break downs causing even more pain.  Everyone at some point(s) in their lives will go through something.  Good counseling and God’s Word can help.

Stay tuned for more to come as I will offer continue information monthly on how to live a successful life in spite of poor decisions you have made or what life has thrown at you.

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