I understand that it’s hard to seek out help. You’ve     been struggling for a long time. What are you going     through? Is it problems in your relationships, or     issues from your past, or is it something that you         don’t quite understand? If your life isn’t working and things are continuing to be a challenge for you, it is time to get help. All of us face difficulties. Whether, loss of a loved one difficult relationships, anger, depression, adjusting to change, or negative thought patterns; therapy can make a difference.

I enjoy working with multi-cultural and diverse populations. I specialize in marriage, family and individual counseling and have been helping clients in a variety of settings. My reward comes from helping clients to understand and process the problem, eliminate it, or find workable solutions to function within the situation.

I have the clinical training to enable my clients who are struggling with serious adjustments or psychological challenges.  Also, as a Christian I understand the Biblical principles in God’s Word that lead to growth.  Let me help you through those issues.  Do not put it off, call today.

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