Couples Therapy

Relationships do have their challenges. Sessions focus on working through issues and developing healthy patterns of relating. Do not continue to hurt and suffer in the pain. I am here to help.  Additionally, I offer pre-marital counseling to help you start off on good footing.  Are you going through a divorce and need help, Call now. We will work together to make your relationships work.

Individual Therapy (age 18 and over)

You may have been struggling a long time. It is time now to work through those struggles to get your life on track. Are you struggling with depression, anxiety, or other concerns? Together we will work through your challenges to improve your life.

Family Therapy

Families are dynamic systems that have many interconnecting parts. Sometimes these parts are broken or not functioning as they should. Maybe you have unresolved family issues from years past or maybe you are a blended family and there are issues. We will work together to identify the problems and work through them.

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